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Bike rental i August

For four weekends in August, you can rent a bicycle at Esrum Abbey and get the opportunity to explore the North Zealand landscape around Esrum Abbey on two wheels. Starting from Esrum Abbey and the future visitor center for National Park “Kongernes Nordsjælland”, you can explore one or more of the many cycle routes in the area. You get a map and 3 trip suggestions to inspire you – because with the bike you can easily experience some of the many exciting things that lie a little further away from the monastery.

Suggested tours, each with their own history in the area

You can, for example, cycle along Lake Esrum to some of the observation towers nearby or visit the area’s three largest oak trees. If you are more into historical experiences, you can cycle north to an essential place in the story of how firewood was transported on heavy barges along the Esrum firewood canal to Dronningmølle, from where it could be sailed to Copenhagen.

All tours are presented on a map that you will receive with the bike.

Tour suggestions:

The big trees – top tree:
The route goes south through Gribskov and visits the three thickest oak trees in order, so that you visit the thickest oak just west of Esrum Abbey.
Length: Approx. 9.8 km.

The view tour/Bird tour:
The trip goes south through Gribskov along the lake. Halfway down along the lake it turns onto Tumlingevej and then Damvej, and you come to the observation towers on Gillelejevej. Here it is obvious to take a break. The trip goes home on smaller paths, and you drive right on the corner of Esbønderup Kohave before following Tingbakken to Esrum Hovedgade and the abbey.
Length: Approx. 10.5 km.

The trip goes north to Storedam by Snævret Skov. Here you can follow Keldså to the northernmost part and then Esrum Å to the south along the edge of the forest. Finally, drive west out of the forest and hit Sodermarksvej and follow this to Esrum Hovedgade and back to the abbey.
Length: Approx. 6.9 km

Rental of bicycles:

Saturday & Sunday August 6th & 8th – 10 am -5 pm
Saturday & Sunday August 13th & 14th – 10 am -5 pm
Saturday & Sunday August 20th & 21st – 10 am -5 pm
Saturday & Sunday August 27th & 28th – 10 am -5 pm (North Zealand Walking Festival)

Price per day DKK 100
Price for 2 days DKK 150.

ATTENTION! Remember to bring your own bicycle helmet

It is possible to buy a delicious sandwich for the trip in The Mill Cafe – and in the shop you will find a wide selection of snacks, cold drinks etc.